About Us

Let’s Get Talking Galway is a community based counselling that provides professional Counselling Psychotherapy support to all.

What we can do for you…​

The service provides: immediate access to psychological therapies; education for individuals to develop self-help strategies and positive coping skills; community workshops, lectures and courses; assistance in training for those involved in the study of counselling and psychotherapy; and continuous professional development programmes.

Working alongside local agencies and groups, the cornerstone of our work is continuous opposition to and the elimination of any stigma associated with mental health problems, emotional difficulties and behavioural issues. We vigorously endorse evidence based talk-therapies as suitable treatment to ameliorate mental and emotional wellness. Working alongside our local community connections, we actively promote highest standards of professionalism within Mental Health Care.


Together we offer confidential Therapeutic Counselling Support to all including:​
One-to-One, Couples, Family Therapy and Group Counselling. This service is based on client needs.

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